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Flooring Services

Creating the ideal industrial floor begins with intelligent concrete slab design. So RCR has its own flooring services division, with proven expertise in designing industrial concrete floors for major clients.

Our industry-leading consultants take account of everything, including:

  • the site, ground conditions and environment;
  • how the building will be used over its lifetime;
  • load bearing requirements;
  • special features, such as docking areas or machinery pits;
  • safety and hygiene;
  • light reflectivity;
  • time constraints;
  • lifetime costs;
  • environmental impact;
  • any specific client requirements.

The result is an optimum, value-engineered floor specification.

Our engineering consultants are entirely independent. They don’t work solely with RCR contractors or products. Their unbiased expertise is available to clients regardless of the project, contractor or preferred products.

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Monofloor: International Consultants for Industrial Floors


Monofloor provides design, testing and consultancy services for industrial flooring worldwide. 

Monofloor's expertise lies in creating bespoke industrial flooring designs, particularly for challenging applications, and ensuring that they are well executed.

Monofloor works with all parts of the construction team.

  • It advises clients on the most appropriate industrial floor for their needs.
  • It supports structural engineers with specification choices.
  • It assists specialist flooring contractors to deliver high quality floors with exceptional accuracy.

Monofloor's engineers create industrial flooring concepts and designs for global manufacturers, retailers and distribution brands.  They supervise projects during the construction phase, so floors meet the specified standard.  They produce independent reports on industrial flooring characteristics and performance.

They investigate problems and specify remedial action for damaged industrial floors.  They raise industry standards, sharing their knowledge through presentations, papers, guidance and formal training.

Permaneo: Industrial Floor Maintenance, Repair and Renovation


Permaneo’s mission is to help industrial building owners and operators save time and money through well-maintained floors.

The company was created by RCR Industrial Flooring in 2017 to respond to increased market demand for industrial flooring repair and maintenance services.

Permaneo helps building owners and operators save money and improve efficiency.

Permaneo’s international team is expert in diagnosing and solving industrial and warehouse flooring problems. It offers:

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