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International Reach

The world still depends on products.  Manufacturing, distribution and retail are now touching every corner of the globe. These competitive industries demand hard-working buildings, with industrial and commercial concrete flooring created to perform and endure.

Many of our clients are global entities – and so are we. With wholly-owned subsidiaries, partner companies and agents across the world, our size and scope are truly unrivalled.

We have a global presence.  Not content with being the major floor construction company in Europe and South America, we are also very active in Russia and China. Recent further ventures in India and South Africa demonstrate our ever-expanding global presence and vision.

Consistency matters, to our clients and to us. That’s why we offer complete assurance that our standards remain constant throughout the world,
giving our clients the reliable results they need. 

Wherever clients need industrial or commercial industrial flooring expertise, RCR will be there.

How we work in harmony

Adopting a matrix structure, we give our senior leaders territorial and divisional responsilibities, matching the right concrete flooring expertise and regional knowledge to each role. 

We also ensure our leaders meet regularly and collaborate with each other, sharing knowledge and skills for the benefit of the whole group.

Wherever you are in the world, there will be an RCR company or representative near you - someone who understands your industry and your region, and speaks your language.

Contact us at info@rcrindustrialflooring.com (or use the form below), and we'll make sure the right person answers your enquiry.

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Our clients are worldwide


  • Caterpillar, Chile


  • Clinica Bonnadona Barranquilla, Colombia
  • El Dorado Airport Hangar, Colombia
  • Oviedo Mall, Colombia

Costa Rica

  • Walmart, Costa Rica

Czech Republic

  • Jipocar, Czech Republic
  • Johnson Control
  • Skoda Auto
  • Hornbach


  • DB Schenker, Finland


  • Airbus, France
  • Devred 1902 Retail, Franc
  • Michelin, France


  • BMW Rolls Royce, Germany
  • DKV Ratingen, Germany
  • K48 Leverkusen, Germany
  • Winnenden Wine Store, Germany


  • AKI Durango, Mexico


  • Promark Huanuco, Peru
  • Super De Alimentos Manizales, Peru


  • Atocha Train Station, Spain
  • DAFSA, Spain
  • Decathlon, Spain
  • Honda, Spain
  • Jaguar Land Rover, Spain
  • Maritime Museum Drassanes, Spain


  • B&Q, UK
  • Pendennis Shipyard, UK


RCR Industrial Flooring is a proud member of ACIFC (Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors)