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Monofloor USA LLC

2604 Turtle Creek Blvd #12649 Dallas Tx 75225 USA

International Consultants for Industrial Floors

Monofloor provides design, testing and consultancy services for industrial flooring worldwide.  Our expertise lies in creating bespoke industrial flooring designs, particularly for challenging applications, and ensuring that they are well executed.

Monofloor works with all parts of the construction team.

    We advise clients on the most appropriate industrial floor for their needs.
    We support structural engineers with specification choices.
    We assist specialist flooring contractors to deliver high quality floors with exceptional accuracy.

Our engineers create industrial flooring concepts and designs for global manufacturers, retailers and distribution brands.  We supervise projects during the construction phase, so floors meet the specified standard.  We produce independent reports on industrial flooring characteristics and performance.

We investigate problems and specify remedial action for damaged industrial floors.  And we raise industry standards, sharing our knowledge through presentations, papers, guidance and formal training.