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Our strategic partnerships


WorldTechFloor is a strategic alliance of leading companies which provides an entire design and construction package for industrial concrete floors.

RCR companies Rocland, Permaban and Rinol contribute with their product lines; as does RCR partner Bekaert

Laserscreed® manufacturer Somero ensures precision in the floor’s finish.

Reputed consultants Monofloor provide technical advice and training to ensure a
smooth execution. They undertake a thorough survey and valuation of the final result, and provide a project report for the owner.

The confidence in our products and know-how allows WorldTechFloor to provide a five-year warranty to the investors, together with licensed applicators.

More information can be found at www.worldtechfloor.com

Bekaert - Dramix

Steel fibres are an important part of RCR’s value-added approach. They enhance strength and performance, speed the process of creating the floor and build in quality and durability.

RCR has chosen to work with Bekaert, producer of the renowned Dramix® brand, as a strategic partner for steel fibres in industrial floors. 

Bekaert is the undisputed leader in this field. It shares the technical support, international reach and quality-driven approach common to all RCR companies. Bekaert also shares RCR’s values of innovation, demonstrated by its recent development of Dramix® 4D and 5D.

We've committed to work closely across every aspect of business - and by doing so we can develop superior quality, cost-effective flooring specifications. Together, we can provide innovative solutions which meet the highest quality requirements, resulting in the best value for money.

RCR is official distributor of Dramix® steel fibres in several countries.


Partner with RCR

We welcome the opportunity to work with major organisations in the global industrial flooring industry who can help us enhance our services to clients. Please contact us to discuss how we could work together.