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Flooring Products

Concrete floor products have always been at the heart of the RCR Group.

Our portfolio includes everything an industrial floor could require at every stage of its construction:

  • armoured joints – to protect construction joint arrises
  • formwork – to provide a boundary for the concrete pour
  • construction joint sealants – to fill saw-cut joints in concrete floors
  • resin coatings – for a decorative, smooth and durable finish
  • floor hardeners – to improve durability in hardworking applications
  • dry-shake toppings – for colour and durability; and abrasion and slip resistance.
  • decorative finishes – to enhance appearance and style
  • bonding agents – used when forming a floor in multiple strata
  • steel fibres – adding strength to concrete
  • accelerating additives – to speed up the curing time and increase early strength
  • curing and sealing compounds – to speed curing and improve hardness and durability
  • cleaning solvents and detergents – to maintain appearance and performance

This website gives an overview of the industrial concrete floor products our Group companies can provide, but full specification details can be found on the individual companies' websites.

Visit the companies page to find out more - or get in touch with us using the form below.

"Consistent service and quality support"

“Being a flooring specialist in Central America, the innovative range of RCR products helps me to maintain my technical edge in the market and deliver high value floors to my customers. I also appreciate the consistent service and quality support from RCR Products teams” Eng. Eduardo Lavarreda, Owner, ProPiso® (specialist flooring contractor)

"We highly recommend your technology and standards"

“We have worked with Rocland products for more than 10 years and highly recommend them to our clients due to their high standard of quality. In those 10 years, we have not only imported products, but more importantly we received information and ‘know how’ about the newest standards, details and methods of construction. We highly recommend your technology and standards of industrial flooring.” Oktay Cantez, Architect

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