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Rinol Rocland Suesco promotes jointless floors at ENCAJA

6th June 2017

RCR applications company Rinol Rocland Suesco recently promoted RCR’s industrial jointless flooring systems at the 2017 ENCAJA exhibition.

Held in Valencia over three days, 30th May to 1st June, ENCAJA is a professional fair dedicated to logistics and distribution solutions for industry.  It was well attended, and attracted logistics and industrial engineers from across Spain.

This year was the third time Rinol Rocland Suesco had exhibited at ENCAJA.  As well as connecting with clients past and present, the company focused on promoting RCR’s industrial jointless flooring systems, and received strong interest.

Jointless floors are becoming hugely popular in the logistics sector, because eliminating saw-cut joints helps to reduce maintenance requirements for the life of the floor, and also means fewer restrictions on how the building can be used. 

RCR’s jointless flooring systems, marketed under the name Conductil, are designed for today’s logistics and distribution facilities. 

Conductil sfrc® is a hard-working system specifically created for logistics buildings, and incorporates steel fibres. 

The Conductil vrs system uses a special formulation for the volumetric control of concrete, so that large panels and unusual shapes can be created without the need for saw-cut joints, and without the floor experiencing curling.

Please visit the RCR Flooring Systems page for more information.

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