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Rinol Rocland Suesco completes huge factory floor for Campofrio

7th June 2016

Rinol Rocland Suesco has successfully completed the flooring construction for the new Campofrio meat processing plant in Burgos, Spain.  A 14-strong team took four months to complete the work.

The 170,000 m2 floor was completed using a range of RCR Flooring Products.  

Rocland Qualidur HP surface hardener was applied as a wet-on-wet slurry (30,000m2).  This adds durability and abrasion resistance, to extend the life of the floor, and is particularly suitable where the floor is subject to heavy traffic or risk of impact damage.  

Additionally, 10,000m2 was finished with Rocland Qualidur, applied as a dry-shake finish.

Two synthetic resin flooring systems were used, chosen for their suitability for a food manufacturing environment - Rinol Safety (5000m2) and Rinol Crete (15,000m2) 

The floor joint system chosen was Permaban AlphaJoint CSS, at 160mm deep.  This stainless steel joint is resistant to chemicals, so highly suitable for food manufacturing environments where hygiene is paramount.

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