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RINOL and Rocland Germany unite as RCR Flooring Products GmbH

26th September 2014

Two of our leading product manufacturers have united to form a new company in Germany.

RINOL and Rocland are both part of the RCR Flooring Products division, and have collaborated closely in the German market for many years.  They share many qualities and values, and a strong reputation for product excellence and customer service.

Now the union has been formalised, under the name of RCR Flooring Products GmbH.  Doing so offers local market efficiencies for the two parent companies - but more importantly offers a clear single point of contact and service for customers, and exciting opportunities for future growth.

RINOL is renowned internationally for its resin flooring systems which have been chosen worldwide by prestigious brands such as Volkswagen, BMW Rolls Royce, Jaguar Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.

Rocland manufactures surface hardeners, respected for adding colour and protection to concrete floors for companies such as Airbus, Caterpillar and Honda.

RCR Flooring Products GmbH will also integrate in its portfolio award-winning products Signature and Eclipse from fellow-RCR company Permaban’s armoured joints.  Completed by screeds, curing systems, sealants and floor maintenance products, RCR Flooring Products GmbH presents a comprehensive range of flooring solutions for the German market.

The well-known product brand names of RINOL and Rocland will of course remain – and the companies’ operations in other countries will remain unaltered.

RCR Flooring Products GmbH Managing Director, Pietro Bortoluzzi, commented: “The new company will harness and strengthen the power of Rocland, Permaban and RINOL products.  We look forward to enjoying the benefits of increased synergies and market penetration; plus better communication, and a strong team spirit and growth.”

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