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RCR Industrial Flooring announces the creation of Monofloor Andinas

3rd June 2014

Luxemburg - RCR Industrial Flooring Sàrl (RCR) today announced the creation of Monofloor Andinas S.A.S.

Since the acquisition of Monofloor Technology Limited in September 2013, RCR has created two sister companies in Europe, Monofloor France and Monofloor España.

Today, Monofloor is also extending into Latin America with the creation of a new Monofloor company in Colombia.  The company will be based in Bogota and managed by Arq. Oscar Parga Quevedo. 

Monofloor Andinas is a new step in the development of RCR activities in Latin America, where the group has already a strong presence with application and products. The investors and major contractors have a growing interest for latest flooring techniques from jointless to superflat, including structural solutions like clad racks. There is an important need of engineering services in Latin America and Monofloor Andinas will be providing design and survey services to construct high end floors.


About Monofloor

Monofloor is a UK-based consulting company and the leading global brand specialized in the design and management of technical concrete floors for the logistics and industrial sectors. Monofloor provides the vital link between the owners or operators of a facility and the contractors and suppliers executing the construction or repairs, ensuring cost-effective specifications, strict quality control and contiguous supervision.

www.monofloor.com and www.monofloor.es  

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