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RCR announces the creation of RCR Flooring Services LLC in the US

12th October 2020

A symbolic milestone has been reached with the creation of a representation of the RCR group in the United States through its Services division.
RCR Flooring Services LLC will be based on the East Coast and headed by Richard Stout, an engineer with over twenty years of experience with several companies specializing in industrial flooring engineering.

Andrew Keen, Group Vice President Services RCR explains:
“We wanted to have a presence in the United States to support our European customers. They are used to working with our teams of Monofloor engineers and technicians for the conception, design and supervision of the execution of their industrial floors.
On the other hand, we have felt a strong technological demand for automated distribution centers. The solutions developed in Europe by Floor Dynamics have no equivalent across the Atlantic. Digital mapping market is booming and we couldn't pass up this opportunity to follow the giants of e-commerce and warehouse automation.”

Rick Stout, COO of RCR Services USA comments: “I am very excited to join the RCR group. With my knowledge of the American market, specific approaches and national standards, sometimes specific to each state, I can support RCR services and technologies so that they integrate with American constructive methods. In addition, I am convinced that the competitive advantage developed by Floor Dynamics in the control of surface regularity will meet with great success with the main players in the logistics sector. There is a lot to do and share between the different members of RCR Services and I am already involved in projects in Mexico. My passion for industrial floors is stronger than ever."

Emilio Esteban, CEO of RCR confirms: “After Latin America and Africa, the United States represents a new frontier that we cross with confidence and a lot of ambition. We have a lot of respect for this country which has done a lot for the development of our profession and we also go there to learn and share our knowledge."

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