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Placeo and Rocland renovate floor for Terreal

30th November 2015

RCR Flooring Applications company Placeo has given an industrial floor a new lease of life, using flooring products from RCR sister company Rocland.

Terreal is the worldwide leader in manufacturing terra cotta products, including facades, structural clay products and roof tiles.  Headquartered in Paris, Terreal has 26 clay factories around the world, and is part of the Saint Gobain group.

A section of floor at Terreal’s production plant in Revel, France, was in need of renovation; and the client and main contractor (CI2C) sought a new surface which would withstand the rigours of manufacturing.

RCR Flooring Applications company Placeo Midi Pyrenees was chosen for the project, due to their expertise and close proximity.  The 300m2 renovation began by removing the top layer of the existing concrete and applying Placeo Cemcol bonding agent; then applying a 10cm screed, which incorporated Bekaert Dramix steel fibres 45/35 at a rate of 25 kg/m3.  Rocland Qualitop Millenium surface hardener was then applied at 5kg/m2; and finally RocCure curing agent.

The project took one week to execute, and was undertaken in July 2015.  The client was very pleased with the results, and has said they would be happy to recommend the solution to other companies within the Saint Gobain group.

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