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Permaban features in EU referendum campaign

31st March 2016

RCR Flooring Products company Permaban, based in the UK, is featured in a manufacturing industry campaign about the forthcoming EU referendum.

Britain will hold a national referendum on 23rd June 2016 to decide whether or not to remain in the EU. 

EEF, The Manufacturers’ Organisation, represents the interests of the UK manufacturing sector.  It campaigns through liaison and lobbying to help UK industry thrive.  EEF is campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU, but a reformed and more dynamic EU with a better trading environment.

Through a series of case studies, the EEF website features comments from UK manufacturers, including Permaban.  Andrew Keen, Managing Director, was asked to provide a quote, and commented as follows:

“Exports are vital to our business. Indeed, they account for 80% of our sales. We ship products as far as Australia and Chile, but by far our most important market is the European Union, accounting for 70% of our exports. Should we vote to leave the EU, one thing is guaranteed: things will change. It is impossible to predict exactly what would happen under such circumstances. It is unprecedented.

“Comparing the UK to Norway or Switzerland has no relevance. The UK is the 2nd largest economy in Europe. In the immediate aftermath of a Brexit, it would be foolish to believe that the entire fabric of the EU would not be undermined. If there is one thing that hurts business, especially manufacturing, it is economic uncertainty. We cannot ignore the fact that our economy is inextricably linked to our closest neighbours.

“The EU may not be perfect. There are many negative myths that the media love to perpetuate. As an employer of 45 people exporting to approximately 50 countries, our experience is that the advantages definitely outweigh the disadvantages, in everything from employment law through to harmonised standards. At Permaban, we embrace change and pride ourselves in taking on a challenge. Taking a blind leap of faith into the unknown however, is a one-way journey from which there is no return.”

The full Permaban case study can be seen on the EEF website, here.

As part of Permaban’s Health & Wellbeing programme, the company will be holding a staff forum in April to facilitate questions, answers and discussion, to fully explore the issues on both sides and support its staff in making a free and informed choice. 

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