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Largest RCR Piletec floor created in Spain

10th August 2016

Rinol Rocland Suesco has created a 30,000m2 piled floor in Spain using the RCR Piletec System – the largest created in Spain with the system to date.

The floor was built for Pascual Marti, an appliance dealer in Paterna, Valencia. 

RCR Piletec is one of RCR’s flooring systems, and has been designed to ensure ground-bearing slabs can be created in areas where there are geotechnical challenges.

The slab in Paterna is both an internal and external slab, and is 23cm thick, with an HA-30 concrete specification incorporating 45kg/m3 of Rinol TwinPlate steel fibres.

Rinol Rocland Suesco created 1500 m2 per day, using AlphaJoint armoured joints (manufactured by RCR company Permaban) for the joints between slab sections. 

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