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Behind the scenes at the RCR Production France testing laboratory

13th October 2016

RCR’s Rocland brand of surface hardeners is well known and respected internationally for its high quality, colourful products.

But before products reach the market, they undergo thorough testing in the RCR Production France laboratory in Fleury.

Approximately 135 tests are carried out in the laboratory each year, on both new and existing products.

Using a wide range of equipment, the laboratory staff test for compressive strength, flexural strength and resistance to wear.  They also examine concrete setting times and shrinkage.

Tests are also carried out on behalf of Rocland’s sister companies in Spain, South Africa and India.  Any aggregates received from new suppliers are also tested, to reduce the risk of product substitution.

This comprehensive testing facility allows RCR Production France to design bespoke cementitious formulae for private label customers, as well as ensuring all products conform to European Standard EN 13 813.

The full article with more detailed explanations and photographs can be read on the Rocland website. Take a step behind the scenes!

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