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Announcing the creation of RCR Production France.

11th December 2015

Announcing the creation of RCR Production France.

Rocland Qualitop Millenium

RCR is pleased to announce the formation of a new company in France, effective 1st December 2015.

RCR Production France has been created by RCR company PLACEO in a strategic move to separate its product manufacturing operations from its flooring applications services.

PLACEO, flagship of the RCR Flooring Applications division, will continue to provide comprehensive flooring application services and offer its unique RCR systems throughout France.  RCR Production France will take its natural place in the RCR Flooring Products division, alongside fellow manufacturers Rinol and Permaban.

Heading up the new company will be Managing Director Claude Torrente, a senior member of the PLACEO team with many years of experience in the world of industrial flooring products. 

The company’s brand portfolio will include the world-respected Rocland brand, which comprises surface hardeners, screeds, curing and sealing agents, admixtures and floor care products; along with the Indurit brand of screeds, and Achro surface hardeners. 

RCR Production France has two strong manufacturing and logistic bases, Fleury in the north of France serving North and Central Europe and La Baume in the South of France, exporting also to North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

On the flooring applications side, PLACEO will be led by Fabien Menu, Commercial Director, who has held several directorial roles within PLACEO.  Jean-Pierre Maier remains as CEO.

“For our clients, this change brings clarity and transparency,” commented Christophe Cortinovis, RCR Chief Operating Officer.  “In France, clients have the choice to purchase premium flooring products via RCR Flooring Production, they can obtain high profile flooring engineering services at Monofloor France, or benefit from the RCR "ALL IN ONE" with PLACEO for industrial floors, and from RCR Deco for decorative floors.

“This will help each company to become stronger in its domain, and to develop new synergies and links between RCR group companies in France and worldwide.”

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