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Rocland, France

ZA Les Monts du Matin Rue des Lauriers F-26730 LA BAUME D’HOSTUN France
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When it comes to surface finishing for industrial floors, Rocland has an impressive product range and reputation for quality.

Its surface hardeners are applied to the top of fresh concrete as a dry-shake powder. Blending with the concrete, they create a durable, impact and abrasion-resistant surface to extend the life of hard-working industrial floors.

Rocland’s special formulation ensures the dry-shake is famously easy to apply and work, which aids trowelling and ensures exemplary flatness.

Think Rocland – think colour! An impressive 14 bright, long-lasting colours are available as standard across its entire range. This gives designers tremendous scope for creativity, as floors can easily be ‘zoned’ or created in brand colours. The light reflective finish also helps to
reduce the lighting requirements for the building.

Rocland can create speciality formulations to perfectly suit the specific concrete or end-user requirement: all products are developed under the quality disciplines of ISO9001. Rocland products also hold LEED accreditation for their environmental performance.

Truly international, the company is based in France, Chile, South Africa, India and Spain. Its extensive distribution relationships ensure its scope and service is worldwide.


  • In business:  25 years
  • Part of RCR Group:  7 years
  • Geographic reach:  International
  • Languages spoken:  French, English, Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Portuguese
  • Staff:  42
  • Total production capacity per year:  60,000 tonnes
  • Quality standards held:  ISO9001: 2008


Product groups manufactured:

  • Cementitious products
  • Curing compound
  • Superplasticiser


Products suitable for floor finishes:

  • Concrete power trowelled
  • Brushed concrete
  • Concrete with surface hardener (dry-on-wet)
  • Concrete with surface hardener (wet-on-wet)
  • Decorative
  • Terrazzo
  • Resin
  • Self-levelling concrete
  • Screed


Products suitable for floor types and tolerances:

  • FM1
  • FM2 special
  • FM2
  • FM3
  • Post-tensioned slabs
  • Jointless floors
  • Slab on piles


Products suitable for buildings:

  • Warehouses / distribution centres
  • Heavy-duty manufacturing
  • Light-duty manufacturing
  • Food production
  • Retail malls
  • Retail sheds (eg, home improvement centres)
  • External pavements and slabs
  • Waste transfer stations
  • Cold stores / freezer stores
  • Public buildings
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals


Sectors served:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Logistics
  • Ports
  • Retail
  • Medical / pharmaceutical
  • Public transport / car parks
  • Sport and recreation





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