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Monofloor Chile

Los Alpes # 975, Las Condes, Santiago
+56 (2) 2224 37 64 +56 (2) 2224 81 09

Monofloor Chile is a specialist industrial flooring consultancy company, providing specifications, designs, supervision and control for the construction of all types of floors.

In addition, we specialize in diagnosing flooring problems, prescribing solutions and monitoring repairs.

Our technical services are appropriate for any type of floor and activity: warehouses, factories, warehouses, cold storage facilities and multipurpose.

We work closely with Monofloor Spain.

From our range of services, we focus primarily on two: design and project supervision. Working in accordance with logistics consultants and customer design team, our specialized project management service ensures that the floor is built correctly, eliminating the need for extensive costly grinding or disruptive future remedial works.

With operations in Chile and the Mercosur region, and working in accordance with international standards, we also offer the following services:

  • Project management.
  • Industrial flooring design.
  • Flooring problem analysis and repair solutions.
  • Project site supervision.
  • Surface regularity surveying.
  • Conductivity measurement / Conductive flooring repolarization

Monofloor Chile also provides general consulting services, on industrial flat floor and high demands.