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Quito, Ecuador

  • Industry Retail
  • Description Supermarket
  • Building Distribution Centre
  • Flooring Application

    Rinol Pavimenta

    • RCR Flooring Applications
  • Floor Size 13,000 m2
  • Partners Involved

    Monofloor Spain

    Rinol Rocland Suesco (Spain)

    Rinol Pavimenta (Peru)

  • RCR Products

    Rinol Qualidur with natural gray 6 kg/m2

    Permaban AlphaJoint F TD6 HT 

    Rinol Neutre and Rinol Seal

    Rinol EP-P202, S600 and Rinol Rinol EP-EP-T700 for safety signs

    Rinol mortar 6mm thick in maintenance area

    35 kg/m3 fiber Dramix 3D 80/60 BN

    • RCR Flooring Products
    • Rinol
    • Permaban
  • Technical Notes

    A total of 13,000 m2 of floors "jointless" (pieces between 625 and 875 m2) 250 kg/cm2 concrete characteristic strength.  20 cm thick.