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Snop Automotive

Tangiers, Morocco

  • Industry Automotive manufacturing
  • Building Manufacturing
  • Flooring Application

    A2S Rinol Rocland

  • Floor Size 18,000 m2
  • RCR Systems
    • Conductil Conductil
  • RCR Products

    Permaban AlphaJoint

    Rocland Qualitop Millenium black 

    Dramix 3D80/60BG

    • RCR Flooring Products
    • Rocland
    • Permaban
  • Technical Notes

    Jointless Conductil floor, panel 30 x 30 SFRC.  After 6 years of intense use (heavy duty), the surface is in perfect condition, with just some local repairs next to steel joints (resin to replace damaged concrete in high traffic areas).
    The customer is very satisfied, and will use the same solution for future extension (except with Permaban Signature in high traffic areas).
    Even European visitors (from SNOP group and even automotive customers) were impressed by the quality of the floor, giving a good impression for the whole plant.