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Maritime Museum

Barcelona, Spain

  • Industry Museum
  • Description Maritime Museum Drassanes
  • Building Museum
  • Flooring Application

    Rinol Rocland Suesco

    • RCR Flooring Applications
  • Floor Size 5,900m2
  • RCR Systems
    • Master Master
  • RCR Products

    Rocland fresh-on-fresh Qualitop Millenium, light grey, 14kg/m2

    Proroc concrete fibres, 600g/m3

    Permaban AlphaJoint Stainless

    • RCR Flooring Products
    • Rocland
    • Permaban
  • Technical Notes

    14cm base with mesh 15x15x5 cms and 600 g/m3 of PROROC. HP 14 kg/m2 Qualitop French gray. About underfloor mapping Ff 25 and 20 Fl. 'Master' flooring system.